Tuesday, February 03, 2009

South African road accident rates and the problem with fatigue

A lack of alertness on the part of drivers has been cited as the cause of about 60% of heavy vehicle accidents by Drive Alive.

It is therefore not quite rocket science to work out that you can reduce your accident rates by the same percentage by making sure that your drivers are as alert as they should be.

This has indeed been the experience of the current users of the Fatigue-o-meter system. The only reason more people are not using it, is because more people do not know about it.

Go figure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Post accident reviews of on-board video camera footage in heavy duty vehicles suggest that from the moment a critical event occurs untill the average driver reacts, as much as two minutes could elapse. That means 120 life-saving seconds that are wasted ... probably because the driver is too fatigued to focus on driving.

February 09, 2009  
Anonymous Theo said...

I have, as an interested party, done this fatigue test. It is not only drivers who get tired - fatigue-o-meter can be applied to almost any situation where fatigue can have a negetive effect on the outcome of any given situation. From driving a truck, train or plain or having to do life saving, dangerous surgery to defending a client in court or write an life changing exam. It tests spatial alertness extremely effectively, and has a much wider usage as has been suggested by previous posts.

February 10, 2009  

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