Thursday, September 25, 2008

Web and hybrid version

Users of the first version of Fatigueometer can now be upgraded to the latest version without the need of a "manual" data transfer. We simply install the new version - and connect it to the existing database. Upon the first connection to the system, it will copy all data to the new server. Although this process may require several hours to complete (depending on the volume of data gathered), this is far preferable to having to be off-line for a day.

Another feature of the web version is that it allows the creation of "super reporting" users. You can setup any number of these. They are people within the organisation who need to monitor the Fatigueomer results. Typically a super user would receive emailed reports. But they can also request a simple sms alert that can be sent whenever someone has been cautioned.

The feature can also be implemented by users of the windows version. If this is done we refer to the site a a "hybrid site" - since it runs on windows and uses some of the web features. Note, however, that the reports and sms's will only be sent out when the system next connects to the internet server.


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