Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What to do if someone fails....

Please review the pages on the website for the official recommendations around candidates who fail. The purpose here is to establish a more informal discussion around this issue. ( )

Some of our clients caution people who fail; the logic being that when the person is aware of the fact that they are not functioning optimally, they could compensate by being more cautious. Others insist that their drivers who initially fail, may only leave the premises once they have managed to pass the assesssment.

Recent research suggests that mental fatigue and drowsiness resulting from repetitive and continuous work can often be arrested and reversed by doing a mentally challenging task like that in the system. Therefore, simply by just assessing candidates, (and insisting that those who fail keep on doing the excercise untill they reach their normal optimal level of alertness - before being allowed to return to work), serious accidents could be avoided.

Driver fatigue in particular is a cause of many serious accidents and deaths. Instead of just taking a break, and a short walk around, supplementing this with an actual fatigue-ometer assessment could therefore add a lot of value.

Feel free to give us your ideas.


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