Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Assessing outside candidates (ver 1.20)

We have just released version 1.20 of the fatigue-o-meter system.

The fatigue-o-meter system measures mental fatigue by comparing an employee's typical historical performance on a moderately involving timed mental task to their current performance on the task. In this sense people's performance in terms of accuracy and reaction time is available, and users of the system have pointed out that comparing new applicants to this reference group would be a natural process, given the ready availability of the data.

To facilitate this process, we have decided to incorporate an "outside testee" function into the system. Outside candidates can thus be registered, and quickly assessed, and a report generated that compares their measured performance against the users own group (employees assessed on the system), as well as the population group that is periodically updated by Alertness Systems and automatically downloaded to the users system when they connect to our servers.

To upgrade your system - simply open the help - and follow the update links. Alternatively you can obtain the update at

Or you can contact your service representative.

New users need to enter into a subscription agreement with Alertness Systems, and should obtain an installation CD from Alertness systems. Installing the update without first installing the system from CD will not work !


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