Thursday, December 07, 2006

Server Version upgrade

We now have a new automatically internet-verified server component. So you never have to manually connect again. Below is a discussion of what this upgrade entails:

It has come to our attention that users want to run the server component - to connect with us on the internet - but do not want to use it on an assessment computer as well. It is therefore a bit of a problem for them to repeatedly establish a connection over the internet for the server component, especially in the middle of the night. To make the problem worse, some users, have the server component installed on a completely different location to the assessment workstations !

In response to this we have made a new option on the server - to repeatedly connect on the internet automatically. When the option is initially invoked a connection is established, and the system verified. The connection is then broken, and the time when it will re-establish a connection is displayed on-screen. This will be 24 hours later.

It is therefore now possible to run the server component indefinitely on the server, without ever manually establishing an internet connection. As a result the workstations will always remain enabled.

The update will be available for download next week - or contact Myself or Pieter if you want it mailed.


Blogger Jan Boeyens said...

We were asked why we don't we make the connection function a separate "Service" that can be invoked on the server. Previous experience has shown that applications that have uses ODBC data connections, can be problematic when implemented as services.

January 11, 2007  

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