Friday, June 20, 2008

web version

The web version is now up and running. Everything that can be done with the windows version can be done with the web version.

In addition, the self-testing feature can be used, where incumbents are emailed with a link that they follow in order to do their daily (or other) types of testing.

Super reporting-only users can be setup. These users can then configure a profile for themselves to receive periodic reports on results. They can also log incidents themselves (on incumbents).

They can also setup their profiles to request sms'es to be sent to them upon anyone failing an assessment.

Another feature of the latest version (windows and web) is that it can now accommodate multiple locations per company. This means that an employee can be registered at one location - where he or she is typically assessed; but can also be assessed at any other registered location of that company. It was specifically designed to accomodate employers who operate multiple depots, and have drivers who clock in at anyone of these depots, depending on the shifts or schedules assigned to them.

Finally, users of the windows version, can at any time also log onto the web, and obtain reports, and/or assess any of their (or other locations') candidates.

In order to upgrade existing windows version users, we will need to migrate their data, upgrade their software, and re-connect them to the new server. We will be contacting all existing clients over the next several weeks to schedule a convenient time to effect the upgrade of their data to the new server.


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