Thursday, April 22, 2010

MySQL and Fatigue

The Fatigue system is currently running on a Microsoft Access Database. This database is easy to configure and install, so naturally we picked it as our default choice when starting up with Fatigue.

However, as usage of the Fatigue-o-Meter increases and the rate against which databases grow we need a more powerful and stable database engine. We have decided on the MySQL database engine specifically because of its minimal system requirements, easy configuration and faster installation.

We have designed a Complete Installation wizard which allows you on a step-by-step basis to install MySQL and Fatigue. This installation package is quite big in size, which means if you have a slow internet connection it can take a while to download this file. The alternative is to request an installation disc from Psi Systems.

With MySQL, we can schedule backups of your database on regular intervals. This will ensure a more effective disaster recovery turn-around time. If the whole system including all backups has been lost, we can effectively rebuild databases and simply send a recovery file to the client which will restore your database to its previous state.


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