Wednesday, March 09, 2011

New version - much faster connection times

We have just released version 5.04. Most of this upgrade has focused on cutting down on the time that the system needs for connecting to the Fatigue-o-meter server. The system now does most of the work "behind the scenes", so you don't have to wait for it to connect anymore. In addition we have optimized the way data is exchanged. We trust that the user experience will be much improved. Obtain your upgrade by going directly to You should download this file, and then run it. It will try to detect where your system is installed, and then update the relevant files. If you are running the system on a Local Area Network (LAN), you will only need to run the update once for the entire LAN.

Only existing registered users should try to run this upgrade. For installation instructions or to register as a new user, please contact us by email or telephone. Details can be obtained on our website at

To check which version you currently have - click on and then click on .



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